I don’t want to be a short adult. With that thought, an elementary school-aged me decided not to drink caffeine. It was more of a statement than a lifestyle change. Soda was already rare treat, and I hated the taste of my dad’s black coffee. It was easy to live my mostly caffeine-less life until […]


A Dancer’s Grace

Come to the floor for adagio. Those words signaled the testing of my dancer’s grace. In ballet, the adagio is a monologue of sorts. The dancer pushes her body to extremes while crafting a narrative. Her character is in love. Her character is in despair. No one would know that the dancer is in pain. […]

Kelly Allison Photography

Beautiful–a list

An incomplete list of things that make me feel beautiful: The mixture of exhaustion and strength that I feel at the end of a tough workout Painted nails, preferably in OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark Being twirled around on the dance floor Having a clear complexion A pair of high waisted jeans Conversations at the […]

Truth as a Personal Excellence

I’ve always loved learning, always been curious. However, the dictionary and I did not used to get along. I’d want to know what a word meant. My mom would remind me that there was a book just a few steps away that conveniently contained definitions for every word in the English language. I was not […]


I’m not making resolutions for 2016. I figure that, between a wedding and various side endeavors, I have enough going on. This year is about actually creating instead of telling myself that I’ll “be more creative.” A word came to mind, and the idea of a word of the year seemed like a good compromise between a […]

On writing

All you have to do is write one true sentence. Write the truest sentence that you know. Ernest Hemingway I’ve been avoiding writing– or doing anything truly creative for that matter. Is it a coincidence that I feel as if abundant life escapes me? I think not. I have defaulted to being a consumer, receiving […]