I’m a hyphenate who talks about seemingly unrelated topics like self-care, branding,  and business operations. At my core, I’m all about purpose and process. I help people and organizations build meaningful rituals for work and for life.


My motto for the holiday season? Reflection before resolutions. I can’t look forward to 2019 without looking back at all that 2018 offered. I’ll be working through 18 questions to prepare myself for the new year, and I’m sharing them with you. Grab a pen and a cup of something warm. Happy reflecting!


Accidental hiatus. Purposeful intention-setting.

I didn't mean to take the month of June off. I want to say that it just happened, but this year has taught me that very few things "just happen." We make choices, even unconscious ones. We take action, or we don't. And we deal with the consequences. June was a full...

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The heat

I got my first migraine when I was about nine years old. We’d finished the fourteen hour drive from Chicago to Tulsa the night before. I spent the day running around with my cousins, and my little body didn’t know how to handle the mixture of exhaustion and excitement...

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#DearestFear, you’re not fooling me

Dearest fear, The more I get to know you, the more I get to know your other names. Some of them are obvious aliases. Imposter syndrome, for example, sounds every bit as menacing as you do. But it’s your more innocent names that are the most insidious.  Names like...

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