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Being a student

Today, I introduce this week's series on being a student and talk about how we can apply our learnings. Instagram: @taylorelysemorrisonTeeccino discount:

Unlearning Instagram

In this episode, I talk about the Instagram lessons I've unlearned.  Last Instagram episode: @taylorelysemorrison

Unlearning Persistence

In this episode, I talk about how my idea of persistence has changed.  Website: taylorelyse.comInstagram: @taylorelysemorrisonTeeccino Discount:

Unlearning Leadership

In this episode, I share what I've unlearned about leadership.  Instagram: @taylorelysemorrisonIn Bed with Betty Discount:

Unlearning the Hustle

In this episode, I share my process of unlearning the hustle.  Website: taylorelyse.comInstagram: @taylorelysemorrison


In this episode, I share my definition of unlearning.  Unfabulous episode: @taylorelysemorrisonIn Bed with Betty Discount:


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