Dearest fear,

You are not a recruiter. Yet I find myself letting you review my resume and qualifications, and I often listen when you tell me that I’m “not quite a fit for this particular opportunity.” I’ll admit that sometimes you are right. I am not always the most qualified on paper, but qualifications aren’t as big as a barrier as you’re making them out to be.

Lots of “unqualified” people have seen great success. And plenty of “qualified” people have run businesses, and entire economies, into the ground. Those higher ups at financial firms had plenty of fancy degrees and projects under their belt, but they still caused a recession. Resumes aren’t a reliable indicator of success.

So you can see why I won’t be letting you vet my qualifications any more. I’ve let you overstep your bounds, and I take full responsibility for this lack of role clarity. Let’s reset expectations.

You’ll tell me when you sense real danger, like fire or the presence of unsavory people, and I’ll decide which opportunities to pursue or even to create.

You’re still welcome to share your input. I’ll acknowledge it–we’ll keep things cordial. But don’t be offended when I don’t take your advice to heart the way I did before.

I hope this newfound role clarity helps our future relationship.

Kind regards,


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