In the midst of my year of prolific living, I’ve discovered a new principle that I hope to carry far beyond 2018: follow the energy. On Mondays I lay out all that needs to be accomplished during the week. Then I complete the tasks as my energy leads me.

It sounds kind of woo-woo, but it’s pretty straightforward.I simply choose to complete tasks when I’m energized by them. If I just saw packaging that inspires me, it makes the most sense for me to channel that energy into designing my own packaging for Emancipation. It was already on my to do list.  Sometimes I get on budgeting and goal setting kicks, so I do my bookkeeping then.

As a woman, a lot of my energy aligns with my menstrual cycle. I am excited to think big picture during my follicular phase, and I get really tactical in my luteal phase. I’d rather work with that energy than against it.

And then there are a handful of tasks that don’t energize me. I could follow my energy all month long and never be led to complete them. I choose to create excitement and celebration around those tasks. Picking car insurance kept getting bumped to the bottom of my to do list, so I played the Office in the background. I listen to one of my favorite podcasts while I run errands and do chores on the weekend. I’m often laughing so hard that the mundane tasks seem like a treat.

My life will be as enjoyable as I choose to make it, so I let my energy lead me into days filled with gratitude and adventure.