Yesterday I watched a truck driver snap a photo of the skyline as he drove.

Dangerous? Yes.

But I can’t blame him. My commute changed in January, and I promised myself that I would never take those views for granted.  I force myself to look up from my phone and to take in the energy of the city.  It takes my breath away, and it’s not just because of the winds coming off of the river.

I don’t always have the same intention in the rest of my life. I was on a call with a new client when I realized that Jubilant, my brand strategy firm, was three years old. The anniversary passed without fanfare because I was so focused on the work. And the irony is that my brand is centered around celebration.

I’m craving celebration. This year has already been more than Matt and I could have asked or imagined. I feel the memories and the gratitude softly floating away. All I want to do is to make them stay, and all they want is to be acknowledged.

Celebration is the best acknowledgement. A prayer of thanks. A bottle of champagne and a makeshift living room dance floor. A journal entry that attempts to capture the awe of the moment. A breathless call to a loved one. I’m reminding myself to acknowledge these incredibly sweet moments with celebration and the harder moments with gratitude for all that I am learning.

Head up. Eyes wide with wonder. Taking snapshots of all the good coming my way.