I remember the first time I heard a podcast. I was on a church trip. We were making our way back to Chicago from Memphis. My friend pulled out her bright green iPod, and we listened to This American Life. I’ve listened to podcasts almost every day since then.

After ten years of avidly consuming podcasts,  it felt like a natural progression to start a podcast of my own. So I dipped my toe into the world of podcasting last year. While the shows themselves didn’t last,  I learned that I enjoyed being on the other side of the microphone.

I thought I was done with podcasting for a while, but the idea for the Be School podcast chased me down until I could no longer ignore it.  I had this desire to create bite-sized, actionable content that helped people define and pursue their own definition of success.  That desire comes is made manifest through Be School.

Every weekday of 2019, a new episode of Be School will show up in your podcast feed. They’re really short, no more than five minutes. I’ll  be sharing my own journey of learning, unlearning, and growth in the hopes that you can do the same.

I couldn’t wait until 2019 to share the podcast, so you can listen to the first episode today.

Be School is available on this site, and wherever you listen to podcasts: