If this were a Buzzfeed article, the title would read “Instagram Made Me Quit My Job.” But stories are seldom that simple, and this one is no exception. In fact, I had a hard time even defining a starting point for this story, so I chose to begin with an email from a friend I met through Instagram. She wanted to know if I still had a full-time job because she’d love to have me speak at an event, but they were only looking for speakers who were doing their own thing full-time. For the first time in a while, I asked myself why I was working for someone else.

Here’s the thing: I’ve been starting businesses since I was a kid. Full-time self-employment always felt like an inevitability, so much so that I once told my then boyfriend, now husband to make me quit my full-time job at 30 if I still hadn’t made the leap to self-employment. You see, working for other people is really comfortable, and I like being comfortable. Full-time jobs come with retirement packages and steady paychecks. I knew myself, and I knew just how easy it would be for me to coast through corporate life without ever giving my entrepreneurial spirit a chance to really come out to play.

It’s one thing to tell people that I planned to work for myself one day and quite another to do the work to make that happen.The email from my friend gave me a renewed sense of urgency, and I started to get serious about taking the leap. My goal was and is to be fully self-employed by 2020. That goal became a hashtag in my journal: #selfemployed2020 . Then I started sharing the goal and the silly hashtag that accompanied it with close friends and family. Then I got the hashtag embroidered on a jean jacket. Then I shared my goal when I was speaking on a panel.

What happened next was pure providence, a kismet-fueled turn of events that included a wild dream, relationships that almost didn’t happen, unexpected opportunities, a lot of hard work, and the newly found courage to bet on myself. The full story is borderline unbelievable, and I am grateful. Maybe one day I’ll share the whole thing on the internet. For now, you’ll have to take me out for a cup of tea to hear the full story.

So, yes, I quit my full-time job. And, no, I’m not fully self-employed yet. Part of the providence was finding the ideal part-time job that will allow me to stair step into self-employment. My friends are lovingly referring to this season as #partiallyselfemployed2018. I’ll be growing both Jubilant and Emancipation, and I’ll be documenting my journey towards #selfemployed2020, too.

If you made it this far, thank you for reading! This season has taught me to be clear about my intentions and about what I need, so I’ve included a few requests below:

  • Could you send me your favorite encouraging verses and quotes? An entrepreneur friend told me to store those things up for the hard days.
  • I’m going to be doing more work around personal branding for Jubilant. If you know someone who is looking to connect to their own mission, vision, and values and build a personal brand that positions them for success on their terms, send them my way. My Jubilant email is taylor[at]wearejubilant.com .
  • I’m looking for more contributors to the newly revamped (and not officially launched) version of Emancipation. If you or someone you know has something to say about self-care, they can apply to contribute here.