I love to build out plans and strategies. I turn goals into a series of action items. It energizes me. And then comes the inner critic. Are you sure you’re qualified? What if no one shows up? More often than not, after that internal dialogue, I end up being the one who chooses not to show up.

I let those goals and tactics sit on my whiteboard or in my journal. Knowing that I’m not making progress. Knowing that the lack of progress is completely self-inflicted.

I’m convinced that at least half of achieving my goals comes from showing up, acknowledging the fear for exactly what it is—a self-limiting belief—and doing whatever I want anyway.

There are so many emails I’ve left unsent, applications I didn’t finish, and ideas that I didn’t follow up on. A few months ago, I finally tired of wondering what if and started showing up. There’s a pretty crazy series of events that have led to some easier crazier developments that I’ll share about in a few weeks. I promise.