I thought words flowed easily for everyone. It wasn’t until I helped my then boyfriend, now husband, draft an email that I began to think otherwise. As a designer, he could communicate so clearly with a visual, but the words were work. It was he who pointed out that I have a particular smile when I’m writing, as if my body couldn’t help but delight in the task at hand. It was he who introduced me as a writer to new friends of ours.Years later, that’s a title I claim. Writing was the gift I took for granted, and it took a community to affirm that it was a valued part of what I had to offer the world.

Everyone I encounter has a gift they take for granted. I watch my friends effortlessly break complex concepts down into digestible morsels. I see colleagues run efficient meetings that still somehow feel enjoyable. And I try not to keep these observations to myself. I want to be the person who tells others that the things that come so easily to them is actually a gift worth growing. I want you to be that person, too.