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My name is Taylor. It’s an androgynous name, but my parents were kind enough to give me the middle name Elyse to add a touch of femininity. My grandmother always called me Taylor Elyse. Something about that stuck with me. Thus, the name of this space.

I’ve always been a learner, and not in the academic sense, though I did graduate from Vanderbilt with a double major in Human and Organizational Development and Spanish. Rather, I like to learn about whatever catches my fancy at the moment. The library was one of my favorite places when I was growing up. I’d get an armful of books on all kinds of subjects–ballet, starting a business, Queen Elizabeth. I had a desire to soak up all that I could about any topic that interested me.

I’m still a learner these days. Mostly, I’m learning about who I want to be and about where I want to go. I work full time leading employee engagement for a start up. My business, Jubilant, is the place where I assist creative entrepreneurs through brand strategy and business coaching. I also dabble in hand lettering, photography, and writing. My work has been featured in Thryve Magazine, Blavity, The Free Woman, and Blog Society.



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