Personality assessments have been huge for my own personal development. I’m not drawn to them because I think they’re crystal balls. I think that personality tests are conversation starters, first with yourself and then with others.

Here are the three personality assessments that have been most impactful for me:

The Enneagram is my current favorite. I’ve linked to the WEPPS assessment, which is more comprehensive than the free versions you’ll find online. On the episode, I said that the assessments would take between 5 – 25 minutes. I’d give yourself an hour to work through the 200 questions in this Enneagram test. Once you’re ready to dive deeper, I recommend signing up for the Enneagram Institute’s EnneaThought of the Day email and following @xoenneagram on Instagram.

You’ve probably heard of the Myers Briggs assessment. 16Personalities is simple, free, and offers a lot of insight about each type. It’s a great starting point.

For the same price as buying the assessment online, you can buy the book on Amazon. (Full disclosure: That’s an affiliate link. I’ll get a little somethin’ if you decide to purchase.) The book includes a code to take the StrengthsFinder assessment. You’ll get additional insight into what each strength looks like. I mentioned a grid that helps you map out team strengths. You can get it here.

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