I’m a hyphenate who talks about seemingly unrelated topics like self-care, branding,  and business operations. At my core, I’m all about purpose and process. I help people and organizations build meaningful rituals for work and for life.


My motto for the holiday season? Reflection before resolutions. I can’t look forward to 2019 without looking back at all that 2018 offered. I’ll be working through 18 questions to prepare myself for the new year, and I’m sharing them with you. Grab a pen and a cup of something warm. Happy reflecting!


The Gift You Take For Granted

I thought words flowed easily for everyone. It wasn’t until I helped my then boyfriend, now husband, draft an email that I began to think otherwise. As a designer, he could communicate so clearly with a visual, but the words were work. It was he who pointed out that I...

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If this were a Buzzfeed article, the title would read "Instagram Made Me Quit My Job.” But stories are seldom that simple, and this one is no exception. In fact, I had a hard time even defining a starting point for this story, so I chose to begin with an email from a...

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Show Up

I love to build out plans and strategies. I turn goals into a series of action items. It energizes me. And then comes the inner critic. Are you sure you’re qualified? What if no one shows up? More often than not, after that internal dialogue, I end up being the one...

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