Brand Builder. Self-Care Advocate.

Hello, I’m Taylor Elyse Morrison. I am a hyphenate who speaks and facilitates workshops on seemingly unrelated topics like branding, self-care, and business operations. I explore purpose and process to help people and organizations build meaningful rituals for work and for life.


I always look forward to speaking on the below topics, and I’m always up to create a custom topic or workshop for your event.

Reconnecting to Your Mission, Vision, and Values

Your Brand in Action

Your Personal Brand in Action

Self-Care Beyond the Hashtags

Past Events

Cultivate Your Soul Brand

  • Workshop Facilitator for Holistic Visual Brand-Building
  • Workshop Facilitator for Reconnecting to Your Mission, Vision, and Values

Chick Tech

  • Workshop Facilitator for Your Personal Brand Plan

General Assembly

  • Panelist for How to be a Side Hustler

Kalamazoo Black Arts and Cultural Center

  • Crafting Your Brand Identity

Let’s Vibe

  • Lightning Talk for New Year, New Vibe

Religion Communicators Conference

  • Workshop Facilitator for So How Did We Do? The Oft-Forgotten Question

The Glossary

  • Workshop Facilitator for Self-Care and Community Care Event
  • Panelist for Talking in Circles – A Group Discussion on Brand Identity
  • Panelist for First Birthday Celebration
  • Panelist for Crafting Your Creative Business

You Got This

  • Keynote speaker – Self-care Beyond the Hashtags

People Are Saying

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