A micro-podcast project for 2019

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We spend most of our lives learning how to do and very little time exploring who we want to be. Let’s change that. If you want to define and pursue your own definition of success, this podcast is for you.

Every weekday of 2019, I’ll share my own journey of learning, unlearning, and growth in the hopes that you can do the same. Get actionable insights in five minutes or less.



In today's episode, I talk about one of my favorite words, hyphenate. Listen in to hear why I identify with the word and why I think it's a helpful framework. Enjoy 10% off your first Teeccino order here....


In this episode, I remind you to ask for feedback. It's one of the best ways to supercharge your growth. Please consider reviewing the podcast on iTunes if you've enjoyed the show. This helps more people find Be School!


I get real about MLK Day and the way it's often celebrated. Resources mentioned on the show: @rachel.cargle @shaunking @nowhitesaviors Connect with me: @taylorelysemorrison And if you enjoy the show, consider leaving a review on iTunes! [buzzsprout episode='927640'...


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