A living case study in aligned action


Be School is a personal development podcast for collective change.

Host Taylor Elyse Morrison is a facilitator, speaker, and the founder of Inner Workout.

Each episode provides a space for learning and unlearning where we value process over progress.

Let Taylor’s imperfect journey encourage you in yours. Tune in for bite-sized conversations that will help you become a student of yourself and the world around you.


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Choosing Gratitude When Everything Sucks

Choosing Gratitude When Everything Sucks

Are you feeling grateful lately?  In this episode, I want to invite you to acknowledge the good things that you might be overlooking in the last months through gratitude. Newsletter: taylorelyse.com/subscribe This episode and post are going live the week of...

Uncomplicate it

Uncomplicate it

Life is already complicated. Why do we add extra complexity to the mix? Let’s talk about how you can change your mindset to simplify your life. Uncomplicate it! One day, a question popped into my head while I was brushing my teeth: “Where am I making things harder...

5 Ways to Change Your Relationship to Email

5 Ways to Change Your Relationship to Email

Are you addicted to your email? Checking emails can be a distraction in disguise. In this episode, I share some tips that can help you change your relationship to email. My name is Taylor Elyse Morrison, and I used to be addicted to email. My incessant email-checking...


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